"My philosophy is to have a really good time and never to let anything stop me from doing what I want to do."

(2004) Ella Productions


Serge Forté: Thanks for All
Recorded "live" in 2 digital tracks October 11th and 12th 1997 in New York

    1. Funky Oscar (Serge Forté/RDC)
    2. Intro Bébé Ella (Serge Forté/RDC)
    3. Bébé Ella (Serge Forté/RDC)
    4. Étude No1 (Scriabibine/Serge Forté)
    5. Canadian Market Place (Serge Forté/RDC)
    6. Caravan (Tyzol/Ellington)
    7. ELM (Richie Beirach)
    8. Biscaros (Scriabibine/Serge Forté)
    9. Mambo Blues (Serge Forté/RDC)
    10. Intro Take
    11. Take The "A" Train (Duke Ellington)
    12. O Nana Oyé

Serge Forté - Piano
Darren Beckett - Drums
Ofer Ganor - Guitar
Jérôme Sabbagh - Sax
Jean Wellers - Bass & electric Bass
Mino Cinelu - Percussions
Michel Petrucciani - Piano

The thought dislocates, scatters in words what we are. The music, quite to the contrary, has the capacity, like mercury, to gather in sounds what saves us. The loving music of Serge Forté ins the proof of it. It magnetizes directly towards happiness, the happiness of a music filtered with the sieve of true emotions. Never not yielding to the traps of the pathos nor of the prettiness, its piano well inspired always sails with the compass of a natural interior and never forced melody. Its play full with fire, hemmed of what is necessary of soft melancholy, revives the colors of a fluid lyricism with a completely tonic rhythmic jubilation. It is only to listen to "Thanks for All" to convince itself some. Its exact music quivers with kind of dizzy spell dervish, ready to give back in a precise language, the blur of the clouds and the flow of the ideas.
It is always "La Vie en Bleu" (title of a previous album) which exposes "cantabile".
And, to take again the beautiful formula of a large improviser, this "something of blue which appeared a wing" (Victor Hugo).
This disc ins also that of the first times. I. e. that of the true meetings.
Recorded in New York in 1997 in only two days, it gathers musicians who never played before together. Serge crossed the Atlantic with Jean Wellers, secret double bass player, inhabited by the proximity of the interior distances. He would deserve, it is an obviousness, to be better known.
Living in New York, French saxophonist Jerome Sabbagh, with sound at the same time light and deep, advised in Serge Forté the excellent drummer Darren Beckett.
Invited of the last hour, Mino Cinelu, sensual caressor of skins immediately gave his agreement to take part in the adventure. Cherry on the cake, there is into final another first time which will remain forever, unfortunately, last once.
The meeting between Serge Forté and Michel Petrucciani. With Michel's laughter as conclusion, the new version of "O Nana Oyé" which ins offered to us here, is splendid of shared joy and music. At the image of the entire album. It is not so common…
Pascal Anquetil

Thanks for All!
From the bottom of my heart. Yes, thanks to you, all great musicians of all horizons who from my more tender childhood got me pleased, amused, intrigued, moved to tears.
Thank you for inspiring me with your talent, for giving me strength and conviction to play my passion, one of the most beautiful but therefore the most difficult. Of course, it is impossible for me to draw up here a list which would not be exhaustive. I would have meanwhile a particular thought for John Abercrombie who, during a master class in 1987 has strongly advised me to practise really hard the blues! Thanks a lot John! This has inevitably conducted me to practise on the art of Mr Oscar Peterson, I had the chance to meet him 10 years later grace to Mr Frank Ténot , for a few unforgettable moments. Thanks equally to you, Mino, Darren, Jean, Ofer, Frank, Philippe, Mitsou, Bruno, Pascal for your magnificent contribution to this project. Thanks to you all my dears who have always support me and specially you Pascale. Lastly, how could I thank Michel Petrucciani who, since he listen ma first record (Vaina) decided to support, proposing me a duet! I had really the chance to meet this day a "man of exception". I still see him trying one of the two pianos to heat and play immediately so strong and put so much intension in each keys that he broke a string!
Backing to this small anecdote, I have really had desire to bring out this unreleased version of our duet.

Serge Forté