"My philosophy is to have a really good time and never to let anything stop me from doing what I want to do."

(1991) Capitol Records (Blue Note)


Michel Petrucciani: Playground
Basic tracks and overdubs recorded at
Clinton Recording Studios New York City NY

    1. September Second
    2. Home
    3. P'tit Louis
    4. Miles Davis' Licks
    5. Rachid
    6. Brazilian Suite
    7. Play School
    8. Contradictions
    9. Laws Of Physics
    10. Piango, Pay The Man
    11. Like That

Michel Petrucciani - Steinway piano and synthesizers
Adam Holzman - synthesizer and programming
Amar Hakim - drums
Steve Thornton - percussion
Anthony Jackson - bass
Aldo Romano - drums
All tunes composed by Michel Petrucciani, Mike P. Publishing, ASCAP
except "Laws Of Physics" by Adam Holzman, Mike P. Publishing, ASCAP

this record is dedicated to my father tony PETRUCCIANI
who taught me everything i know.
special thanks to my wife mary laure
eric - anthony - omar - steve - aldo - tom (good work!) bruce and all
the people at blue note records
and very special thanks to adam who really helped me
throughout the entire project.