"My philosophy is to have a really good time and never to let anything stop me from doing what I want to do."

(2009) Dreyfus Jazz


The Virtuoso Eighties

Disk 1
    1. Les Grelots (Eddy Louiss)
    2. Jean-Philippe Herbien (Eddy Louiss / Michel Petrucciani)
    3. All the Things You Are (Oscar Hammerstein)
    4. I Wrote You a Song (Michel Petrucciani)
    5. So What (Miles Davis)
    6. These Foolish Things (Jack Strachey)
    7. Amesha (Eddy Louiss)
    8. Simply Bob (Michel Petrucciani)

Michel Petrucciani feat. Eddy Louiss
Disk: 2
    1. 35 Seconds of Music and More (Michel Petrucciani)
    2. Brazilian Like (Michel Petrucciani)
    3. Training (Michel Petrucciani)
    4. Colors (Michel Petrucciani)
    5. Petite Louise (Michel Petrucciani)
    6. Chloé Meets Gershwin (Michel Petrucciani)
    7. Chimes (Michel Petrucciani)
    8. Guadelupe (Michel Petrucciani)
    9. On Top of the Roof (Michel Petrucciani)

Michel Petrucciani 
Disk: 3
    1. Looking Up (Michel Petrucciani)
    2. Besame Mucho
    3. Rachio
    4. Chloé Meets Gershwin (Michel Petrucciani)
    5. Home (Michel Petrucciani)
    6. Brazilian Like (Michel Petrucciani)
    7. Little Piece in C for U (Michel Petrucciani)
    8. Romantic But Not Blue (Michel Petrucciani)
    9. Trilogy in Blois: Morning Sun in Blois/Noon Sun in Blois/Night in Blois
    10. Caravan
    11. She Did it Again/Take the "A" Train/She Did it Again

Michel Petrucciani
Disk: 4
    1. These Foolish Things
    2. Little Piece in C for U (Michel Petrucciani)
    3. Flamingo
    4. Sweet Georgia Brown
    5. I Can't Get Started
    6. I Got Rhythm
    7. I Love New York in June
    8. Misty
    9. I'll Remember April
    10. Lover Man
    11. There Will Never Be Another You
    12. Valse du Passé
    13. Pennies From Heaven
    14. Blues
    15. Night And Day

Michel Petrucciani feat. Stéphane Grapelli, Roy Haynes, George Mraz
Disk: 5
    1. Training
    2. September Second
    3. Home
    4. Little Piece in C For U
    5. Love Letter
    6. Cantabile
    7. Colors
    8. So What
    9. Rake The "A" Train

Michel Petrucciani feat. Steve Gadd, Anthony Jackson