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(1989) Capitol Records (Blue Note)
Recorded and mixed at The Record Plant


Michel Petrucciani: Music
Recorded October 5, 1984

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    1. Looking Up
    2. Memories Of Paris
    3. My Bebop Tune
    4. Brazilian Suite No. 2

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    5. Bite
    6. Lullaby
    7. O Nana Oye
    8. Play Me

Michel Petrucciani - Steinway piano, synthesizer,
                     B-3 organ and vocal
Tania Maria - vocal
Joe Lovano - soprano saxophone
Anthony Jackson - electric bass
Chris Walker - electric bass
Andy McKee - acoustic bass
Eddy Gomez - acoustic bass
Lenny White - drums
Victor Jones - drums
Frank Colon - percussion
Romero Lubambo - acoustic guitar
Gil Goldstein - accordion
Adam Holzman - synthesizer
Robbie Condor - synthesizer programmino

All compositions by Michel Petrucciani, Mike P. Music, ASCAP

Special thanks Eric, Tania, Eddie, Bruce, Eugenia.
I dedicate this music to my mother Anne.

sous un doigt de verre
des pétales d'ivoire
jaillissent un song
brodé de chaud
- vacarme du coeur
allumé de rires -
dessous ces mains infines
comme poudrière folle
toupillent aussi des airs
eblouis d'emouvance
telle beauté crue sans crible
la vie - hurlerie de piano libre

under these glass fingers
here - petals of ivory
spark flames of blood
- bellow of the heart
alight with laughter -
beneath those boundless hands
spin also airs
dazzling the most solitary
such unbearable beauty
the piano's liberated cry

Thierry Pérémarti, June 89