"My philosophy is to have a really good time and never to let anything stop me from doing what I want to do."

(1981) Owl Records


Michel Petrucciani: Michel Petrucciani
J.F. Jenny-Clark & Aldo Romano
Recorded at SPITSBERGEN STUDIO, Holland, April 3 & 4 1981

    Side 1
    1. Hommage A Enelram Atsenig (M. Petrucciani)
    2. Days Of Wine And Roses (H. Mancini)
    3. Christmas Dreams (A. Romano)

    Side 2
    4. Just Un Moment (M. Petrucciani)
    5. Gattito (A. Romano)
    6. Cherokee (R. Noble)

Michel Petrucciani - piano
Jean François Jenny-Clark - bass
Aldo Romano - drums