"My philosophy is to have a really good time and never to let anything stop me from doing what I want to do."

(1988) Blue Note Records


Michel Petrucciani: Michel Plays Petrucciani
Selections 1-5 Recorded on September 24, 1987
Selections 6-9 Recorded on December 9 and 10, 1987

    1. She Did It Again
    2. One For Us
    3. Sahara
    4. 13th
    5. Mr. K.J.
    6. One Night At Ken And Jessica's
    7. It's A Dance
    8. La Champagne
    9. Brazilian Suite

Michel PETRUCCIANI : piano
Gary PEACOCK : basse (1-5)
Roy HAYNES : batterie (1-5)
Eddie GOMEZ : basse (6-9)
Al FOSTER : batterie (6-9)
John ABERCROMBIE : guitare (one for us ; it's a dance)
Steve THORNTON : percussion (brazilian suite)
"I dedicate this album with love to Eugenia Morrison."

"Very special thanks to: Philippe Petrucciani
                                       Virginia O'Brian
                                       Tania Maria
                                       and Eric Kressmann"