"My philosophy is to have a really good time and never to let anything stop me from doing what I want to do."

(1984) Aurophon
(1994) Aurophon/Sony Music Entertainment (France) S. A./COLUMBIA


The Michel Petrucciani Trio: Live At The Village Vanguard
Recorded live March 16, 1984 with The Fedco Truck

    1. Nardis (Miles Davis)
    2. Oleo (Sonny Rollins)
    3. Le Bricoleur De Big Sur (Michel Petrucciani
    4. To Erlinda (Michel Petrucciani)
    5. Say It Again And Again (Michel Petrucciani)
    6. Trouble (O. Dalffon)
    7. Three Forgotten Magic Words (Michel Petrucciani)
    8. Round Midnight (Monk-Williams-Hanighen)

Michel Petrucciani: Piano
Palle Danielsson: Bass
Eliot Zigmund: Drums
It is difficult to speak of Art. I would rather simply say "Please close
your eyes and take what is there to give."

However, I wish to tell you about the pleasure we feel bringing you
this music. For me, working with Palle and Eliot is a great honor.

When we shape the rhythms and frequencies, and all the magical
sounds come out...it is a blessing, because the communication is so
spontaneous. So fresh. So simple. And we like to think it is so like life

I Love the feeling we all have of wishing to share those colors and joy
to make the people happy.

Thank You

Michel Petrucciani