"My philosophy is to have a really good time and never to let anything stop me from doing what I want to do."

(2005) Capitol Music (EMI Music France)


Michel Petrucciani:
                  les années Blue Note 1986-1994

    1. September Second (Michel Petrucciani)
    2. Looking Up (Michel Petrucciani)
    3. Caravan (Irving Mills - J. Tizol / Duke Ellington)
    4. The Prayer (Michel Petrucciani)
    5. Limbo (Michel Petrucciani)
    6. She Did It Again (Michel Petrucciani)
    7. Estate (Michel Petrucciani)
    8. Brazilian Suite No. 2 (Michel Petrucciani)
    9. Memories Of Paris (Michel Petrucciani)
    10. O Nana Oye (Michel Petrucciani)
    11. Michel's Waltz (Michel Petrucciani)

Michel Petrucciani - piano