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(1998) Disques Dreyfus


Franck Avitabile Trio: In Tradition
Recorded at Studio Davout (Paris) on 19,20 & 21 janvier 1998

Produced by Michel Petrucciani

    1. Gettin' There (Bud Powell)
    2. Tempus Fugit (Bud Powell)
    3. Topsy Turvy (Bud Powell)
    4. Time Waits (Bud Powell)
    5. Celia (Bud Powell)
    6. Willow Grove (Bud Powell)
    7. Trois Gros (Franck Avitabile)
    8. There Will Never Be Another You (Mack Gordon / Henry Warren)
    9. August In Paris (Franck Avitabile)
    10. Burt Covers Bud (Bud Powell)
    11. Wail (Bud Powell)
    12. Kenny (Franck Avitabile)
    13. Bud's Bubble (Bud Powell)
    14. Silence (Charlie Haden)

Franck Avitabile - piano
Riccardo Del Fra - Contrebass / Double bass
Luigi Bonafede - Batterie / Drums
Invité Guest:
Louis Petrucciani - Contrebass / Double bass