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(1983) Blue Note Records LP

Charles Lloyd Quartet: A Night In Copenhagen
Recorded live by Danmarks Radio at 1983 Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Side one
    1. Lotus Land (To Thakur And Trane)
    2. Lady Day
    3. Encanto

Side two
    4. Third Floor Richard
    5. Night Blooming Jasmine

Charles Lloyd - flute, tenor saxophone, Chinese oboe
Michel Petrucciani - piano
Palle Danielsson - bass
Son Ship Theus - percussion
Very Special Guest Bobby McFerrin - vocals on Third Floor Richard

Special Thanks to: Jurgen & Amadea Petzel,
Gisella Leythauser, Yumi Maeda, Shuddhaprana,
Jean-Jacques Huber & Eva Hoffmann, Urano Palma,
Brother Pierre Grandjean, Swami Ritajananda &
his tradition, and to my loving friends all over
the world.