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(2006) Wilder Jazz


A look at the music of Michel Petrucciani
Recorded at Sound Design Studios Santa Barbara, CA on Dec 30th 2005, Jan 17th & 30th 2006

    1. Looking Up
    2. Even Mice Dance
    3. Dumb Breaks
    4. Colors
    5. Brazilian Suite
    6. Contradictions
    7. Rachid
    8. 13th
    9. Memories of Paris
    10. Brazilian Suite No. 2
    11. My Bebop Tune

Cristian Jacob - piano
Trey Henry - bass
Ray Brinker - drums

All compositions by Michel Petrucciani - All arrangements by Christian Jacob


With the death of Michel Petrucciani on the night of January 5th 1999 at the ridiculously young age of 36, Francis Marmade wrote in La Chambre d'Amour: "If the death of a musician touches us in a special way, it is because they take their secrets with them - the secret of their unique musical sound, the secret of their precise relation to space, air and the movement of their bodies that they alone knew how to produce."
Many of the "secrets" that made Michel and his music so distinctive live on in his legacy of recordings. However, for those intent on trying to unlock the essence of his musical uniqueness, there are perhaps keys contained in the body of Michel's original compositions left largely unexplored since his passing - until now.
In Christian Jacob, Michel may have found a fellow countryman and kindred spirit who, through his exploration of Michel's tunes, offers some fresh insights into Petrucciani's genius while also revealing his own brilliance.
Such a voyage of discovery is not for the faint of heart. For not only are the compositions difficult to navigate, but Michel himself had become such an authoritative and powerful player by the time of his death that Christian and the trio would be pressed to add to their richness and complexity.
As you will hear in this recording, through his musical courage, strength and originality, Christian has more than met this challenge. Assisted and inspired by Trey Henry on bass and Ray Brinker on drums, Christian and the trio have created a sparkling homage to Michel.
Into the " space, air and movement in time" created by the texture and tone of Michel's compositions, Christian has interposed a vitality and an inventiveness that serve to bring alive Michel's music once again while at the same time making it his own.
It is almost as though Michel had left this music behind for Christian to find and, in so doing, create a bond of musical affection between them. After all, ultimately, our immortality ins contained in the memory of others.

Steven Cerra


Thanks to Steven, for coming up with the original idea for this CD. You were the first to hear its potential. To Dom, for being such a perfect pro at what you do. To Michel, for those great moments you are able to capture on him. To Jenny, you're the best, your graphic art is always so perfect for my projects. To Vic, for being such a kindred spirit who always supports me on any project I do. To Trey, for being the "road less travelled" bassist, and I mean that in every way. To Ray, for being yourself, your ability to fuse this trio together ins astounding. To Tierney, for your never ending support. To Wilder, for being my light. I am so aware of your partnership, and how this project wouldn't be without you. I love you! And finally, To Michel, for coming around this earth of ours and showing me how things are done around here; I feel so close to your music, I just wish I had known you personally. Merci mon ami!