"My philosophy is to have a really good time and never to let anything stop me from doing what I want to do."

(1993) EMI France


Michel Petrucciani: the best of michel petrucciani
the blue note years

    1. Looking Up (Michel Petrucciani)
    2. September Second (Michel Petrucciani)
    3. Miles Davis Licks (Michel Petrucciani)
    4. Play Me (Michel Petrucciani)
    5. Home (Michel Petrucciani)
    6. Lullaby (Michel Petrucciani)
    7. La Champagne (Michel Petrucciani)
    8. She Did It Again (Michel Petrucciani)
    9. Our Tune (Michel Petrucciani)
    10. Bimini
    11. Brasilian Suite (Michel Petrucciani)
    12. O Nana Oye (with Tania Maria) (Michel Petrucciani)

Andy McKee - bass, bass (Acoustic)
Steve Thornton - percussion
Eliot Zigmund - drums
Nuit de Chine - design
Bernard Ailloud - photography
Chris Walker - bass (Electric)
Adam Holzman - syntheziser, programming
Frank Colon - percussion
Palle Danielsson - bass
Al Forster - drums
Roy Haynes - drums
Anthony Jackson - bass, bass (Electric)
Victor Jones - drums
Robbie Kondor - syntheziser, programming
Eddie Gomez - bass, bass (Acoustic)
Omar Hakim - drums
Jim Hall - guitar
Tania Maria - vocals
Gary Peacock - bass
Michel Petrucciani - syntheziser, piano, vocals, main performer
Wayne Shorter - sax (Tenor)
Lenny White - drums

There are few musicians in the history of jazz who have succeeded in expanding the audience for the music. Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Count Basie and a handful of others such as Erroll Garner or Miles Davis have managed to make this demanding, sometimes even difficult mode of expression accessible to all. Today, Michel Petrucciani has joined that elite band of artists.
From childhood, he was encouraged and taught by a father intent on inculcating a respect for music, and Michel himself showed a prodigious natural aptitude for all things musical. Just as important to his subsequent professional career were his own enormous vitality and the sheer pleasure he took in playing.
First came success in Europe. Then, way beyond Michel's wildest expectations, the realisation of the American dream.
Communication is the key word in this Petrucciani success. Anybody not yet familiar with Michel's music will discover what I mean upon listening to this record. The optimism of "Looking Up"; the luminous harmonic beauty of "Home"; the lyrical emotion of "Lullaby"; the gaiety of "O Nana Oye". All communicated with remarkable warmth and simplicity, as Michel Petrucciani recounts his life through the keys of his piano. And what an moving life it turns out to be.
The Best Of Michel Petrucciani, a compilation drawn from live albums recorded for this famous label, offers a dazzling demonstration of the universal talent of this great musician.
Adapted from the French by Don Waterhouse

Aldo Romano